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Passionate About Inspiring Roleplaying Adventures

At NOTJUSTDRAGONS, we endeavour to provide a customised roleplaying experience in any setting, system or style you desire.
-- Classic Fantasy, from cottage core to hack'n'slash murder hobos, in Dungeons and Dragons OR Pathfinder.
-- Neo-noir weird investigations and detective stories in Jamie's own Blue Rose Investigation system.
-- Urban Horror and political conspiracy in World of Darkness: Vampire the Masquerade

-- Entirely customised settings and systems to suit what the player wants.
-- Yes, even My Little Pony, but it costs more...


Jamie has been running roleplaying games for friends, socieities and events for over twenty years. Starting as a low-level player in an after school club, he levelled up to become a journeyman storyteller at Aberdeen University's Roleplaying Association (AURA), eventually rolling well on his charisma checks and being elected for two terms as President. After University, Jamie continued to roleplay inbetween teaching, reading and writing. 

He doesn't know how to write these about you pages...
He has two cats: Wit and Mirth. 


  • I'll rustle some up soon


  • Level 20 -- Bard -- Roleplaying 
  • Lebel 10 - Archivist -- Degree in History and English
  • Level 8 Rogue --  Private Tutor for hire. It's filthy work but someone has to do it...
  • Level 2 Arch-Gamemaster -- running roleplaying games professionally.

    (Each level represents a year of experience)
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