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One Shot Sessions

Escape into Adventure with One-Shot Roleplaying Sessions! Busy schedule? Craving adventure? Welcome to one night tavern tales, where your epic journey awaits in just a single evening of play.​


Why One-Shots?

Time-Saving: Dive into a thrilling fantasy world and complete your adventure in just one session. Perfect for busy professionals.

Flexibility: No long-term commitment. Play when your schedule allows, without the need to juggle ongoing campaigns.

Instant Adventure: Jamie has an adapted a mixture of original and classic captivating stories. Just show up and be part of an unforgettable tale. Not finding something that fits your requirements, send a message and we'll see what we can do!

Your Adventure, Your Schedule

Convenient Evening Slots: Sessions are designed to fit into your busy life. Post-work hours, so you can trade your tie for a sword or spellbook.

All-Inclusive Experience: We provide everything – characters, settings, and plot. Just bring your imagination and your love for adventure.

See Below for a list of Featured One Shots.


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